Hazel Menu


Our BBQ is dry-rubbed and slow-smoked in-house with applewood

Smoked Baby Back Ribs half rack w/two sides 18
Full Rack w/two sides 26

5 or 10 Piece Wing Plate w/two sides 16/21

Pulled Pork w/two sides 16

Burrito chile rojo (chicken), black beans, red rice, cheddar, cilantro, wrapped in a flour tortilla served with pico de gallo salsa & sour cream, side salad w/maple chipotle dressing 12

*Make it a burrito bowl for a gluten-free option Add avocado (seasonal) 2


Eggplant Parmesan (gluten free) marinara sauce, fried housemade eggplant, mozzarella, basil, side house salad 15

Green Monster penne pasta, smoked chicken, roasted red tomato, garlic, cream, basil pesto (contains nuts), spinach, cheddar, with asiago cheese and chives 16

Bolognese ground pork, ground beef, san marzano tomatoes, garlic, oregano, thyme, cream, served with penne pasta, finished with shaved parmesan 16

Penne & Marinara our house-made marinara sauce, garlic, parmesan cheese, basil 13

All pasta entrees served with garlic bread

SIDES - $5
Fries, Coleslaw, Corn Bread, Collard Greens, Vegetarian Black Beans,
Red Rice, Side House Salad, Side Caesar Salad, Mac & Cheese


Small: 12" Large: 18" Gluten-free pizza available in 12" add $4

The Mason (cheese)   11/16
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil

The Leo (pepperoni)   12/18

The Oscar (margherita)   13/19
Olive oil, fresh mozzarella, roasted tomato, basil

The Addie   14/21
Mozzarella, house-made Italian sausage, red onion, roasted red peppers

The Ally-Claire (meat pie)   16/23
House-made Italian sausage, smoked chicken, house-made bacon, pepperoni


The Ben (vegetarian)   16/23
Roasted red pepper, fried eggplant, mushrooms, garlic, kalamata olives, roasted tomato

The Julianna   14/21
Buffalo wing sauce, mozzarella, smoked chicken, basil, ranch dressing drizzle

The Toby   14/21
Pulled pork, pineapple, sweet bbq sauce drizzle

The Riley   14/21
Smoked chicken, jalapeno, crispy onions, cheddar, cilantro, sweet bbq sauce drizzle

The Preston   15/22
Basil pesto base (contains nuts), mozzarella, garlic, artichoke hearts, roasted tomato, spinach

Build Your Own Pizza

Start with a cheese pie, $11. Add your own toppings
Small–$1 each       Large–$2 each

VT cheddar
Pulled chicken
Pulled pork

House-made bacon
Italian sausage

Red onion
Crispy onions
Roasted red pepper
Kalamata olives

Roasted tomato
Fried eggplant

Artichoke hearts
Fresh arugula


Draught Beer – $5.40

Zero Gravity
Green State Lager, Czech-style Pilsner, Burlington, VT 4.9%
IPA, Shelburne, VT 6.2%
Switchback Connector
IPA, Burlington, VT 6.2%
Queen City Yorkshire Porter
English-style Porter, Burlington, VT 5.5%
14th Star
Double IPA, Saint Albans, VT 8.4%
Elaborate Metaphor
Unfiltered Pale Ale, Burlington, VT 5.4%
IPA, Burlington, VT 5.0%
Seasonal Selection
(ask server)

Bottles and Cans

Benediktiner Original
Lager/Helles Ettal, Germany 5.0%   5.00
Glutenberg (gluten free)
IPA, Canada 6.0%   6.50
Citizen Cider Unified Press (gluton free)
Vermont Hard Cider, Middlebury, VT 6.8%   7.75
Citizen Cider The Dirty Mayor
Vermont Hard Cider, Middlebury, VT 5.2%   7.75
Stella Artois
Belgian Euro Pale Lager 5%   5.00
Pale Lager, Mexico 5%   4.00
American Lager 5%   3.50
Bud Light
Light American Lager, St. Louis, MO   3.50
St. Pauli
Alcohol-free Lager, Bremen, Germany 0.5%   4.75 UFO White
Unfiltered Belgian White, Boston MA 4.8%   6.00

Wine – Glass $7.50 / Bottle $30

Paul D. Gruner Veltliner
Austria 2014
Dry and vibrant with crisp acidity; fresh green apple and limestone
Montefresco Pinot Grigio
Italy 2014
Light and super crisp with hints of fresh-cut grass, tangerine, and pear
Maravilla Sauvignon Blanc
Italy 2012
Luscious and brisk; intense tropical fruit, grapefruit, and lime zest
Per Linda Trebbiano d’Abruzzo
Italy 2013
Fresh, bright and juicy; ripe yellow plum and a touch of citrus blossom
Mirth Chardonnay
Washington 2017
Exhibiting bright tropical notes and excellent purity of flavor and balance

Alverdi Sangiovese
Italy 2012
Soft and juicy; cherry, strawberry, violet, and plum
Porta Sole Montepulciano d/Abruzzo
Italy 2013
Bright and fruity; ripe red cherry and strawberry with soft tannins
Ontanon Ecologico Tempranillo
Spain 2012
Dry, earthy, and juicy; rich, dark fruit layered with tobacco and spice
Roblar Pinot Noir
California 2012
Soft and silky with notes of crushed raspberry, ripe plum, and cedar
Bousquet Malbec
Argentina 2015
Bold and deep; blackberry, black cherry, cracked pepper, and violet
Alias Cabernet
California 2014
Vibrant and smooth; pomegranate, red currant, cocoa, and sandalwood

Classic Cocktails

Classic Martini   $10
House gin or vodka, dry vermouth - classic, dirty, or hot and dirty

Manhattan   $10
House bourbon, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters

Fresh Margarita   $9
Sauza Extra Gold Tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, a dash of simple syrup - on the rocks, with or without salt

Basil Gimlet   $10
House gin or vodka, fresh lime, fresh muddled basil, a dash of simple syrup

Paloma   $9
Sauza Silver Tequila, grapefruit, lime, a dash of simple syrup, a splash of seltzer

Mojito   $9
Bacardi light rum, fresh muddled mint, lime, seltzer

Specialty Cocktails

Smoked Peach Margarita     $9
Gold tequila, triple sec, fresh lime, white peach puree, with a cayenne-sugar rim

Tuscan Lemonade     $9
Vodka, Fabrizia blood orangecello, fresh squeezed lemonade, a touch of muddled basil

Blackberry Bramble     $9
Gin, creme de cassis, fresh lemon, blackberry preserves, seltzer

Mississippi Mule     $9
Bourbon, Canton ginger, ginger ale, fresh lime, Angostura bitters

Sweet Clementine     $9
Gold tequila, triple sec, muddled fresh basil and clementines, fresh lime, a dash of simple syrup

Southbound Rose     $9
Gin, Aperol orange-rhubarb liqueur, fresh grapefruit, lemon

Heart-Shaped Box     $10
Vodka, St. Elder elderflower liqueur, Pama pomegranate liqueur, fresh lemon

Louisiana Porch Swing     $9
Bourbon, Pimm’s No.1 spiced citrus liqueur, iced tea, fresh lemon, mint

Raspberry Ginger Spritz     $10
Absolut citron, Chambord, ginger beer, fresh lemon

Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Seltzer 2
Virgil’s Root Beer 4
Maine Root Ginger Beer 4
San Pellegrino Sparkling water (16.9oz) 4
San Pellegrino Blood Orange 3
Cranberry, orange, grapefruit juice 2
Pineapple juice (10oz) 3
Shirley Temple 3<
French press coffee 3
Milk 2
Hot cocoa w/whipped cream 3
Hot tea assortment 3

House-made drinks:
House-made lemonade 3
House-brewed unsweetened ice tea 2
House-brewed sweet tea 3
Arnold Palmer 3
Ojoche Tostado
superfood coffee alternative
(caffeine free) 3
Sustainably harvested by women in Nicaragua. Complete protein packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.